2-3 bedroom townhome apartments

Spacious, open floor plans provide ample room for day-to-day living, easy entertaining, and telecommuting. With several layouts and floorplans to choose from, recently-renovated two-bedroom apartments and townhomes range from 910 to 1,175 square feet while three-bedroom residences start at 1,175 square feet and up to 1,330 square feet


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Balsam Floor Plan
1,175 sqft 2 bedroom townhome apartment

Dogwood Floor Plan
1,220 sqft 2 bedroom townhome apartment

Magnolia Floor Plan
1,330 sqft 3 bedroom townhome apartment


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Two Bed - 1.5 Bath 1,175 sq ft

The Oaks_2 bed 1175 TH.jpg

BALSAM FLOOR PLAN: A two-bedroom townhome apartment, families will love the space and renovated finishes in this spacious residence.


Three Bed - 2.5 Bath 1,330 sq ft

The Oaks_3 bed 1330 TH.jpg

MAGNOLIA FLOOR PLAN: The largest floorplan, the three-bedroom 1,330-square-foot townhome apartment features two-and-a-half bathrooms, a dining room, a living room, a home office, and a kitchen with new appliances.

Two Bed - 1.5 Bath 1,220 sq ft

The Oaks_2 bed 1220 TH.jpg

DOGWOOD FLOOR PLAN: This three-bedroom, 1,200-square-foot townhome apartment offers exceptional room for couples and families in a recently renovated space.


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